Some of my best moments happen when I’m on the edge of my mind
On that vast plain of emptiness where everything exists
Pain, pleasure, fear, joy, insecurities and insanity

The very essence of you is torn from your hands
A mother intercised from her infant
The most delicate bond eviscerated from your core
As swiftly as the swat of an intricately designed spider web

You spit out what bothers you
What you can’t see but clearer than day wastes away your verve
Nips and tucks away your essence
To be felt, not shared
To be strong, not scared
To be impenetrable, not vulnerable

Taught to wear a façade, to feign a front
A masquerade expertly sown over the soul
Translucent as gossamer when your insides threaten to burst out
To public delight
Your cracks on display ample fodder for their self-righteous existence

The war is lost but the battle rewards you with victory
Your conscience rests in the company of Kings, Legends and Martyrs
With the gods themselves
Your eternal light shines upon us
The damned


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