Do you ever accidentally see future versions of yourselves?
Doppelgangers hovering somewhere in the invisible
Fractions of an uncertain whole
Spread over precarious circumstances
Perhaps shrouded in bliss?
A meandering Nile that bursts into a billion others
Each a doubt-filled possibility
Time and space you can only grasp telepathically

The wormhole beckons
Tunnels through hyperspace eagerly awaiting your imagination
Worlds set in algorithms and formulas

We’re stuck
Lines strung too tight across culture
No room to breathe
Certainty, order, decorum
Clogged arteries, congealed minds
Coagulated thoughts

Dive into an unending nirvana
Lay your seeds upon the fertility of a bespoke utopia
That road to glory set against the backdrop of careless youth
Ah, to be part of a moving masterpiece
Positioned within motion
To move is to be unafraid
To be nestled within greatness
Devoted to maximum happiness


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