Carlo Rossi

Drench your body in wine
Let me get drunk off your every cell
I get on your every nerve
You get on all of mine
We fall into lapses of dangerous silence
After, we resume our familiar comforts
Often we both break down
Nervous systems too fragile for this type of pressure
You trust me
I trust you
Neither knows how far the other is allowed to go

The vines grow darker
laden and turgid with pinot noir
they spew
staining the fronts of your whitest linen
soaked to the bone
inebriated on this very notion we fight
the notion of romance
we’re both allergic to the mass conformism
we both secretly thirst for a Shakespearean tragedy
lost within a moment of penned fiction
our life support
‘free of complexity’
Words we speak that resound in a most hollow fashion
Echoes of insecurity
Red pill, blue pill
Prey, choose neither

*accompanied best with Antonio Vivaldi


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