Can you believe there’s a world out there without a moon?

Can you believe there’s a world out there with many moons,

light-tree-of-moons-wookmark-175981_largeMore than I can count on my fingers?

Can you believe that our world, had to stop here,

Right at this instant in the great movements of planets and stars and galaxies

That our very conscience is suspended in this nook of time and space

That in the formation of this great universe it so happened

That a bubble of air froze over a rock, over earth

Creating water, creating life

The first art

Setting us on our path

The path to our fortune

Whatever that is

Can you believe that among us walk giants?

Not the fabled kind that inhabit mountains and forests

Giants that have the third eye


Minds that have borne themselves to the notion that there is no limit

No limit to greatness, no matter the cost

Wisdom so precious and intangible that physical wealth cannot equate?

It was such that the stars decided once they were familiar with their harmonic dance

That among men, a new kind would arise

To take us to the next frontier




*written while under the influence of Ahmad Jamal



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