We are all the beautiful children of Mother Gaia969279_607829912610676_387472203_n

We are all reflections of each other

One within the other for eternity

Big, small, black, white, plant, man, beast

Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Scientologist, Angels, Vampires, Werewolves, Dorian Grey

We all chase or aspire to immortality

All incarnate of a time past, a time present, and a time future

For what is time but an illusion?

A distraction from the possibilities of the present

From the gifts Mother Gaia so gracefully bestowed in each and every one of us

It is unfortunate of our nature to devour each other

To disregard each other’s consciousness

Yet a necessary step to our transition into other transient beings of equal splendor


Energy seamlessly flowing within the very seams of the universe Ω

At one point or the other, in whatever form, we have been the inhabitants of every speck of the great cosmos

Energy unbound by form…can you imagine?

Fractal segments of a grander mandala

Told by the lore and legend of the greatest ancient civilizations

Designed in the very matter of our brains

The grand designom (1)

The network and pathway of all matter beyond the confines of space and time

All within us

Every single one of us

Blocked by our addictive material obsession

A fine tale we will make, finer even than that ever told

A greater generation than ever seen

A golden age of boundless voyages across the very fabric of the universe, a realization that we have been in that very place once before



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