I see you

Nervously glancing around the room

Your thoughts grinding hard as the cogs in the vast sea of political correctness

Every aspect of your past has led to this

Sole provider, problem child

I see you

Easily absconding the material comforts of our superficial world



Yet the occasional donor soiree at the 5-star beckons like an unsettling thorn stuck in your erratic yet calculable existence

Your lovers, carefully selected from a sea of peculiarity do not, cannot see the bigger picture

The grand scheme of things you are slave to

Easily bored, constantly searching for a comrade

To throw it all away and embrace you at the bloody frontline

I see you

I see your hard earned papers

Nothing came easy

Your mind is a maze of intrigue

Liberalist, Marxist, Leninist, Socialistarm

Does the list end?

Driven to insanity as clear as day

As clear as day

As tragic as night

Where does this all lead amigo?

Will the generation of liberated ingrates know your name?

Will your memoirs and autobiographies fly off the shelves?

Will your memory inspire their own struggle?

I see you

Flesh to bone, bone to muscle, muscle to skin

It’s hard to tell where my admiration ends and the lusting begins

Romantic afflictions sown thanks to your global citizen status, a man who has seen the world distant from the closed reality within these borders

Endless trips to learn from those who won their struggles

Gliding, sliding, through the political correctness of it all

Nimble as a fox

Bravo soldier

A Luta Continua

Free us all as we sit on our beds

Banging on our keyboards, etching out our odes to you

Good soldier

I see you




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