What is this glass wall pressing cold on my bumpy nose?

Shields my eyes from the truth that is not necessarily reality

A world I can smell, but not touch

A world I can hear, but not see

The voices, the voices again

Today they are quiet

Yesterday, yesterday they were relentless

Distractions beckon, bruised pears rolling on the pavement

Loud honks swaying the pulse of the madness

Chaos really

You’d think that was enough for them

Relentless, undying, detached from the pain of the physical

Numbing, cooling


Murmurs Multiple-personality-disorder-addicts-and-addiction1

A fool and his money are soon parted and this fool knows that too well

Hands tied, smiles wide, loathing this man who came to my ‘rescue’

Taunt him, tease him, squeeze out the last ember of his patience and maybe then,

Maybe then the truth will come spilling out of his mouth

quick relief, and maybe the voices will abate

Leave you be this once

To enjoy the incessant buzzing energy steaming around you

To taste, touch, breathe the havoc of pure human decadence

Yesterday, HA!

Yesterday they came at me, knives and forks at the ready

Armed to the teeth so to speak, ready to poke and bite out every ounce of Zen steadily constructed over sweet troubled years

They say karma, I say bullshit

These are the sounds run from the bayou, oozing from the shamans grinning mouths

A soul they have found

A vessel for their dark deadly magic

A hamster for their wheel

A rat for their lab

Run you may try, hide, smile, try

There’s enough sorrow in this world to last entire infinities

There is no finite joy, peace, calm

Take it in your stride, breathe, taste, touch the madness

Press your wide bumpy bruised nose against that cooling suffocating glass wall

Reach your nimble pasty battle-worn fingers out to that glass ceiling

Press hard, it might crack, it might shatter and rain unending diamonds down the length of your dotted back

We are the voices

The constant in your troubles, your peace, your ageing and your hereafter

Our word is as sure as dawn voices in my head


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