i’m seething

the work i created

my sweat blood and tears

the masterpiece

the potentially internationally acclaimed piece of literary genius

fucking obliterated thanks to a malfunction by an incredulous piece of machinery junk

bluescreen, troubleshoot, restore, recovery

all pure puree bullshit clogging my mind

deceiving me into believing things would go back to how they once were
moments of laughter, joy, peace of mindKenya-bombing

obliterated, by this man-made machinery piece of junk

stock exchange, market prices, oil, nuclear, piece of shit powerplay

drove me to this really, this reality, point of madness at which the world finds itself

whats really real anymore but the pain we feel when we realize the 10 steps forward we so proudly and painstakingly took have no bearing on the 50 taken in reverse

the manufacturer of this piece of junk sits pretty,

licking his fingers to make them sticky

as he counts those electronic notes steadily piling into his offshore tax free account

let’s sweat it out, bear the brunt as thos joyous moments of innocence are steadily wiped clean from our collective mainframe

as we slowly turn into what we so kindredly despised, in our innocence


my work was obliterated,

my shiny, sweat strewn glorious piece of work

obliterated by this piece of shit machinery junkiran bombing


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